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The natural topical antibiotic

Keep in your first aid kit for :
Abrasions [Cuts and Scrapes], Scalds [After Sun], Diaper Rash/Chafing, Rashes,
Warts, Poison Oak/Ivy, Bites [Mosquito, Bee, Spider]

Safe, pure & natural:
Silver has been used as an antibacterial since 1900’s · No known drug reactions or side effects · Completely non-toxic & non-addictive · Colorless, odorless, tasteless, gentle – no sting · Great for pets too!

Colloidal Silver, Glycerin-PH-adjusted Carbomer [vegetable]. No fillers, flavors, added vitamins. Pure microscopic silver in distilled water.

Apply Silver Water First Aid Gel to skin. Do not rub in. Repeat as needed. If condition persists, or for serious injuries, consult physician
8 oz.

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